Frequently Asked Questions:

What will the day look like for the participants?

To start off, the participants will sign in, get their schedule for the day, and then they will all attend the opening presentation and keynote speech. Next, the participants will split off into the groups with which they will attend all their workshops, and each group will be assigned one UTS teacher to escort them and take attendance at each workshop. After the first two workshops, the participants will eat their lunch and have the opportunity to visit our exhibit. In the afternoon, the participants will attend one more workshop with the same groups as before and then they will participate in our panels of women in technology. Finally, there will be a closing presentation and afterwards, the girls will be dismissed as specified by their parents.

Can girls that are not in grades 6-8 attend?

Since the 2019 conference and waiting list are full and GITCon targets students in grades 6-8 (in terms of workshop difficulty and conference environment), younger students are welcome to attend next year.

Can teachers attend? If so, how do I register as a teacher?

Teachers are more than welcome to sit in on the workshops of their choice! Registration for GITCon 2020 will be opening in March.

Can My daughter and her friend be in the same group?

Of course! GITCon is designed to create a safe and comfortable environment for participants to make new friends, however, we will do our best to accommodate everyone’s needs. Registration for GITCon 2020 will be opening around mid February so please follow our social media for important announcements

Will food be provided?

Yes, we will provide the participants with a balanced, self-serve lunch as well as snacks throughout the day, both of which will accommodate all dietary restrictions. Participants are also welcome to bring their own lunch, however they will not have access to a fridge or microwave.

Will the workshops be too easy or too hard?

GITCon targets girls in grades 6-8 and assumes the participants have no prior experience with the workshop topics. (i.e. coding, robotics, cyber security, etc…). To know if the conference is suited for you, check the workshops for our past events, we will be uploading the workshops for GITCon 2020 in mid February.

How to I register for GITCOn 2020?

Registration for GITCon 2020 will be opening in mid February so please follow our social media for important announcements until then.