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Intro to Python

Python is a powerful high-level, object-oriented programming language created by Guido van Rossum. It has simple easy-to-use syntax, making it the perfect language for someone trying to learn computer programming for the first time. This is a comprehensive workshop on how to get started in Python.



A fun and interactive session! Participants will learn to program mBots to move, make sounds, and display lights! The workshop will also include a game of robot soccer. Participants can expect to be introduced to linear thinking and the concept of input/output.

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3D Design + Printing

This workshop will introduce students to basic 3D design and printing, including its applications in the fields of science and technology, prepping files to be 3D printed, different paths to creating a 3D object (i.e. modelling, sculpting), types of 3d printing, experimenting with the 3D design software Blender, etc. Participants will also model and print small animal figurines. See a 3D printer in action!


Intro to Business

Participants will learn the steps to creating a successful business plan, gain insight into the challenges and rewards of starting your own business, and learn about the resources available to entrepreneurs. They will also create their own business plan, to be reviewed by the members of the Women in Business Association (WIBA).


Social Entrepreneurship

This workshop will provide a resource toolkit to solve
social issues with entrepreneurship. Participants will have a chance to put social change into action through the creation of their own entrepreneurial projects.


Snap Circuits

Explore the world of electronics and circuitry with Snap Circuits! Complete with 30 separate components - think snap wires, slide switches, alarm circuit, music integrated circuits and speakers - the kits can be used to create 101 different electronic projects. Participants will learn to build their very own AM radios, burglar alarms, doorbells and much more.


Intro to Web Design

HTML and CSS make up the backbone of all websites. In this beginner friendly workshop, we’ll learn about the basics of coding in HTML and CSS. At the end, all participants will have a finished project they can share with friends and family or continue working on!


Game Design

Create your very own video game in our Game Design workshop! Learn how to use programming to perfect the structure, aesthetic, and visuals for various games. We will be using Scratch as part of this workshop.